Anna works with her clients to ensure good governance, compliance with legislative requirements, and adherence to internal mandates and objectives by:

  1. Analyzing governance documents such as by-laws to ensure consistency with current legislation, as well as best practice;
  2. Conducting legal audits that involve: 
    1. Reviewing a client’s actions in conjunction with its objects or purposes (as set out in its Letters Patent/Articles of Incorporation) to determine alignment; and
    2. Reviewing a client’s minute book to ensure that it contains all documents required to be maintained by legislation;
  3. Drafting, reviewing, and amending governance policies, procedures, and codes for use by boards of directors, officers, and committees to better understand their roles and responsibilities;
  4. Educating directors and officers on their statutory and common law duties; 
  5. Working with management to understand the role of a board of directors, and the role of individual directors and officers, and how management and the board can work separately but in tandem to fulfill the mission of the corporation; 
  6. Offering practical solutions to management and boards dealing with problematic directors, officers, or members; 
  7. Guiding national organizations and their provincial counterparts towards a better understanding of their interdependency and the associated risk and benefits;
  8. Navigating a board of directors through its transition into a governance board by:
    1. Running workshops during which the board will develop its own work plan and annual and multi-year calendars; and
    2. Drafting documents such as due diligence checklists, self-evaluation questionnaires, meeting agenda templates, meeting evaluation templates, and terms of reference to assist the board in adhering to its work plan and meeting its fiduciary and strategic objectives.


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