Not-For-Profit & Charity Law

Not-For-Profit & Charity Law

Anna has extensive experience providing advice to both provincially and federally regulated not-for-profit organizations and registered Canadian charities, as well as unincorporated associations, chambers of commerce, boards of trade, and Special Act corporations. 
Anna is practical, responsive, and respectful of her clients’ time and expenses. Anna ensures that her clients are both aware of, and in compliance with, their legislative corporate requirements. The following are ways in which Anna assists her clients:

  1. Structure, Formation, and Evolution
    1. Works with clients to formulate the purpose and objectives of a proposed organization, and then incorporates and organizes the corporation under federal or provincial legislation, including filing for incorporation documents, drafting by-laws and the minutes of the first meetings of the directors and officers, creating the registers, putting together the minute book, and filing all necessary documents. 
    2. Advises on, and files for, Supplementary Letters Patent or Articles of Amendment when necessary. 
    3. Educates clients about future transitions to new legislation.
    4. Navigates clients through the registration process for charitable status.
    5. Assists clients interested in merging, including drafting merger agreements and related documents and liaising with the Canada Revenue Agency. 
    6. Guides clients through the dissolution of their organization. 
  2. Meeting Requirements – Anna drafts notices, agendas, proxy templates, and minutes for board and member meetings, and advises on issues such as timing, disclosure requirements, and meeting best practices and rules of procedure.
  3. Record Keeping and Filing Requirements – Anna maintains her clients’ minute books, ensuring that they are complete and up-to-date, and that all filings, including extra-provincial registrations, business name registrations, annual returns, and notices of change, are filed properly and on time.
  4. Agreements – Most organizations will enter into agreements at some point in their life cycle. Anna has reviewed and drafted many different types of agreements for her clients.
  5. Miscellaneous Corporate Legal Issues – No two days are alike when running a business, and Anna is available to assist her client through the never-ending myriad of legal questions that can (and will!) arise. 

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