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We aim to provide readers with informative and insightful content on current and upcoming topics such as workplace discrimination, harassment, employee benefits, and labour law. You’ll find practical guidance and analysis to help both employees and employers understand their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

Do Employees Need To Return To The Office If Employers Say So?

If you’re reading this article on the commute to work, odds are that you’re not happy about it. 

The ‘return to work’ has been the hot topic in employment law for nearly…

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The Costs of Bad Terminations: Jerry's Story

When I went to law school oh so many years ago, we used to do something called ‘issue spotting.’ The professor would lay out a scenario, and see if we could catch the legal issues and if we knew how to solve them.

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Don't Quit Your Job

Why Are You Quitting?

In my employment practice, I sometimes run into employees who are fed up with their jobs and want to quit.  Sometimes, it is clear that the employer would be more than happy to see them leave and is making a point of making…

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Glorified Job Titles

What's in a Title?  More money!

People criticize lawyers for using “legalese” and generally communicating in a way that is hard for most people to understand.  The criticism is justified.  Why can’t lawyers communicate in plain English in a…

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Human Rights and the Duty to Accommodate

One of the most difficult issues on which to advise employers is what to do when an employee claims that he/she needs changes to their job in the workplace to accommodate their disability.

Most employers figure that, if the employee can’t do…

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Personnel Policies

Does your business have a personnel policy?  If it does, do you know what it says?  Do you follow and enforce it?  Do your employees have a copy?  Did they get a copy at the same time that they were hired?

If you answered "no" to any of the…

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