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A Jack of all trades is a master of none. We can't do everything and we would be fools to try. Each of us has our areas of expertise and we stick to what we are good at doing. See below for the various Areas of Practice at our firm.

Business & Corporate Law

The title Business Law covers a lot of ground, and so do we. Whether your business is large or small or somewhere in between, our experienced team of... LEARN MORE

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation covers most types of lawsuits. We serve individuals and businesses who need a lawyer to defend their legal rights in the court system. However, the saying prevention is the best medicine'... LEARN MORE

Employment Law

A huge problem employers face is that there is no one law or single, readily accessible guidebook that explains all of your obligations as an employer. The vast majority of employers' legal problems with... LEARN MORE


Trials are about finding fault. They essentially determine who is right and who is wrong. On the other hand, a mediation focuses on understanding the positions... LEARN MORE

Notary and Other Services

Typical Notary services require the lawyer to verify your documents are originals and your signature is true. Ontario Law requires that notary services must be done in person. This provides... LEARN MORE

Real Estate Law

Buying or selling your home will be one of your biggest financial decisions. You require a lawyer who is experienced in real estate law and can safely guide you past problems and pitfalls to... LEARN MORE


Our firm has had several years of experience assisting with filing applications for Canadian Trademarks. Robin Mason, a Corporate/Commercial Lawyer and Registered Canadian... LEARN MORE

Wills & Estates

At Mason Bennett Johncox, Brandon McBride will guide you through your Estate Planning and Estate Administration needs... LEARN MORE

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