Business & Corporate Law

The title "Business Law" covers a lot of ground, and so do we. Whether your business is large or small or somewhere in between, our experienced team of lawyers and law clerks provide you with a broad range of legal services covering all stages of your business growth: from start-up to sale or dissolution. 

We are committed to providing solid, practical advice in many areas, including the following:

Business Structure, Formation, and Maintenance

Ensuring that your business is structured and set up correctly from the beginning will save you both time and money in the long run. We sit down with clients to understand their goals and help determine the best business structure.

We establish and organize:

  • Provincial Incorporations
  • Federal Incorporations
  • Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures
  • Professional Corporations (Medical, Dental, Accountant, Realtor)

We also help our clients stay on top of all legal record-keeping and meeting requirements on an annual basis.

The main benefits of incorporation include:

  • Easier access to capital
  • Tax Savings and Deferrals
  • Limited liability (with very few exceptions, you are not personally responsible for the debts of the corporation.)

Corporate Changes & Reorganizations

As part of your business advisory team, we will help you navigate the evolution of your business. We work closely with our clients’ financial and tax advisors to structure and implement each new stage of business progression to ensure that your changing needs are being met.

Business Acquisitions & Sales

Whether you are interested in selling or purchasing shares or assets, we will work with you from the earliest stages of negotiation of the transaction through to the closing of the deal. Such transactions are often complex; Mason Bennett Johncox will help ensure that its client understands the different factors at play and identify any possible risks that can be missed in the transaction’s complexity.


One of only a handful of firms in the Durham Region are versed in this area of law. We offer services to both franchisees and franchisors.

Purchasing a new or existing franchise (franchisee) or expanding your business through franchising (franchisor) comes with a host of complexities. Mason Bennett Johncox has the experience to make these complexities easier to navigate.

Commercial Agreements

Most businesses will enter into commercial agreements at some point in their life cycle. We have reviewed and drafted many different types of commercial agreements.

Commercial Financing

We have experience representing a variety of clients in commercial financings, including individual and corporate borrowers, banks, trust companies, mortgage corporations and credit unions. We have acted on financings ranging from the small to the complex, as well as unusual situations (including aircraft and perishable inventory financings). 

Commercial Leasing

We act for both landlords and tenants concerning commercial property leasing in Durham Region and the surrounding areas.

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